FIDAMAR provides social assistance to children and unprotected communities that are in poverty
by implementing programs that foster health and general well-being.



Promote and finance the conservation and improvement of infrastructure aimed at the health of low-income residents.
Promote and finance medical campaigns against diseases that affect low-income sectors.


Encourage education by providing access to suitable educational and teaching facilities through investments in infrastructure and equipment.


Through public or private entities, promote and finance the construction, improvement, and/or maintenance of sports fields and all the equipment for their operation for the benefit of the communities we work with.

Food safety

Promote and encourage the dissemination of new techniques for raising livestock, crop farming, and fishing, that can contribute to the production of goods and services that can boost family livelihoods.


Promote reading throughout the community (children, adolescents, and adults) and contribute to the restoration of the national identity through literature for children and youth.


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