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Projects selection

The projects are managed by a FIDAMAR employee based in Lima (supported by a social assistant) and carried out by contractors for the technical study, the delivery of works and services within the scope, schedule, budget and quality.

The list of projects is submitted to the “PX Impact Executive Committee” (in Switzerland), and then submitted for the final approval to the Foundation Board of FIDAMAR.
Projects have also to be approved by the municipalities involved in order to obtain the necessary permits to proceed.

The annual budget shall range between 200KUS and 500KUS, subject to the amount of premium generated by the sales of PX Impact® gold every year.

The projects focus on the regions of Chala, Secocha and Alto Molino (Arequipa Region - South) and Trujillo (La Libertad - North) as those areas represent a large concentration of small-scale artisanal miners.